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Pooping is fun!!

and it's not just for guys =P

girls aren't just cute and cuddly.. they poop too!
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This community is for anyone who hates when people try to stop you from doing what you want if it's not polite.. not that pooping instead polite cause hey.. it's natural! Just I've heard of many guys who are against chicks pooping.. they like to think that what girls eat turns into cute little butterflies and just fly away..

but in reality Girls poop too!

Sorry guys but you have to know the truth..

Anyway anyone can join.. and tell us about: an awesome shit you took, anything that has to do with a "gross" substance that comes from a person or animals body, any gross things you or a friend has done, posted pictures of your awesome shit, post picture of you mooning someone, or anything even if it doesn't have anything to do with the topic of pooping.

If you post pictures put it in LJ cut so other people doesn't have to see it unless they want to and they can just click the link if they do want to see.

this run down community is ran by: xassmonkey